About Us


Baroncelli is an award-winning design practice.  We are passionate light visionaries exploring the supremacy of shape. Distilled forms and ideas enable us to impact the experience of today’s spaces. Both unexpected and familiar, our work is underpinned by the harmony that can be found between seduction and utility.

Our studio brings together a vibrant cosmopolitan heritage of skills and emotion. Our collections reflect the eclectic sensibilities that are created by richly layered design journeys. Our making is marked by clean lines and powerful silhouettes. These elements create a visual language based on rhythm and composition that can be playfully used, adapted and enriched by everyone.



Our Collection draws upon twenty years of experience and innovation. Each product is testament to Baroncelli’s design-led approach and Italian heritage. The ongoing dialogue between dedicated artisanship and new technologies is now synonymous with our bold signature style.

Commissions is the manifestation of our studio’s fearlessness and expertise in developing truly one-off pieces. We provide architects, interior designers and private clients alike with creative solutions tailored to the context and demands of any hospitality or residential space.

Established in 1994, Baroncelli is a visionary family firm with a global presence. We are committed to inspiring our clients through relevant ideas, products and outstanding personal service. We are proud to have our vision recognised through collaborations with industry leaders on the most prestigious interiors projects worldwide.